Sue Williams

A lifelong resident of Vancouver, relocating to beautiful Ladysmith has allowed the re-emergence of my artistic self.

As a child, I was encouraged to draw and paint, and my parents even allowed me to paint scenes on the walls of our home and outside workshop. Mostly self taught, I have worked in oils & acrylics on canvas and T-shirts, painted glassware, windows and even rocks.

Photography has been a passion for the past few years, mostly urban street scenes of cities. I am a member of, and recently appointed Program Chair for the Ladysmith Camera Club.

The discovery of silk painting since moving to the island has been exhilarating and profoundly rewarding.  Each piece is unique and hand designed.

The dyes are painted onto the stretched silk surface using a paintbrush.  The dyes flow into the fiber and bond with the silk proteins, thus the process and feel of the process is different to oil, acrylic and watercolor, which sit on the surface of the support.  Steam sets the dye into the fibers, enhancing the rich colors.  Each creation flows from me, however the dye often leads me in another direction before the piece is completed; I consider the process a cooperative effort!

The process from design to completion can range from one to ten days… depending on the complexity and size.

I hope you enjoy your wearable art!